Core Values

  1. All growth takes place outside our comfort zone
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Raise your standards
  4. Lead with strength and compassion
  5. Burn the ships
  6. Habits are the key to lasting success
  7. Work/Life integration
  8. Progress equals happiness
  9. Seven C’s; Certainty, Curiosity, Creativity, Connection, Contribution, Compassion, Community
  10. Have fun

Ethical Standards


Size & Shape coaches strive to maintain the highest standards of competence in their work and recognize their limits of expertise. Continued education is one of the many ways we separate ourselves from others in the fitness industry.


Size & Shape coaches demonstrate high integrity in science, teaching and consulting. They do not falsely advertise and they clarify their roles (e.g., inform clients that they will be training in groups based on their goals, training availability, and exercise experience.


Size & Shape coaches always place the best interests of their clients first. For example, it would be unethical to start someone out, who has never set foot in a gym, training five one hour sessions per week. It would be too much.


Size & Shape coaches respect the fundamental rights of people with whom they work. They do not publicly identify persons they consult with unless they have permission to do so. They show no bias on the basis of factors such as race, gender, or socioeconomic status.


Size & Shape coaches seek to contribute to the health and welfare of those with whom they work. Hence, a client’s psychological and physical well-being will always come before the cosmetic aspect of their physique.


Size & Shape coaches contribute to knowledge and human welfare while always protecting client’s interest. For example, you would never encourage a women with a clinically diagnosed eating disorder to enter into a 90 day challenge.


A family culture where every member of the team has the same vision and passion for people. A community that shares the same set of values and beliefs. We need problem solvers that have the ability to see every situation as a chance to grow and learn. We need coaches with the ability to inspire, the ability to connect with people of all backgrounds and generations, and the ability to instruct in an environment conducive to creating the physical changes within our clients.

Every trainer knows what they do.

Some know how they do it.

Very few trainers know why they do it.

Everything we do MUST serve as tangible proof of WHY we exist as a company.

Every service we provide MUST fall in line with our blueprint and core values.

3 Absolute Musts:

Why we do what we do > shows what we believe

Discipline of how we do it > will be shown in our actions

Consistency of what > shown by executing a system at a high level with high standards