Pregnancy Nutrition & Training

We structure programs for women before, during and after pregnancies to ensure optimal health, fitness and ease of delivery. Reduce your recovery time and post pregnancy blues by enrolling in your customized Pregnancy Program.

  • Daily logs sent nightly for accountability, reviewed by a SSF team member and responded to for client progress
  • Pictures and measurements done monthly with comparisons provided to client within 72 hours
  • Behavioral/nutrition/psychology/exercise education via weekly or bi weekly calls and community forum
  • Client success packet (faqs, tips, recommendations, etc)
  • Meal plan design (updated through out program)
  • Written weight workouts (updated through out program)
  • Written cardio workouts (updated through out program)
  • Recommended supplement regimen to support growth of the fetus and mother, stabilize blood sugar, increase recovery, improve cognitive function, improve digestion, nutrient absorption, improve sleep, decrease inflammation
  • Written content and handouts/support materials provided and uploaded on forum
  • Membership to client forum
  • Online community camaraderie
  • Upon completion-client receives a maintenance packet with instructions on how to maintain current physique




Additional training sessions $45 PER one HOUR session

Long Distance Client? No problem.